Atlanta FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

If you are interested in an Atlanta FUE hair transplant procedure, there are a few things you may want to know. FUE hair transplant in Atlanta GA is a specific kind of hair transplant, and our experts at Innovative Aesthetics Group are ready to fill you in on the process so you can fill in your bald spots.

The general process for a hair transplant procedure is to remove healthy hair follicles from one spot of your body where you don’t really need them so much. Those follicles are then transplanted to spots where you do want them.

This general concept applies to our Atlanta FUE procedure, but in a different way. In our Atlanta hair transplant procedure, whole grafts (or sections) of hair are taken at once.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and our FUE hair transplant procedure in Atlanta GA basically works like this:

  • You work with an Innovative Aesthetics Group specialist to decide what sections of hair will serve as your donor sites during the Atlanta FUE hair transplant procedure.
  • The specialist uses a special instrument to make very small, circular incisions around the hair follicle, which is what separates the follicular unit from the skin.
  • This unit is then pulled out of the skin and moved elsewhere.
  • This process leaves a small circle shaped hole in your skin, but it heals within about seven days. If it does leave a small scar, it will be completely covered by your hair anyway.

Your FUE hair transplant procedure in Atlanta GA is then complete.

If you are sick of seeing emptiness where you would rather see luscious locks of hair, this process can help you. Innovative Aesthetics Group can set you up with your Atlanta FUE hair transplant procedure today and help you make those dreams of having your hair back into a reality.