Hair Replacement Surgery In Atlanta GA

When suffering from hair loss, you might be wondering what kind of Atlanta hair replacement surgery is best for you. There is a ton of different ways to get your hair growing again, ranging from over-the-counter solutions to surgical methods.

If you are confused, Innovative Aesthetics Group is here to help you decide if you need Atlanta GA hair replacement surgery.

Some details about hair replacement in Atlanta GA:

  • While there are different procedures for hair replacement surgery, the general idea is this: Wherever you have healthy hair follicles but don’t need them, our expert surgeons will move those follicles to the scalp where you have no hair.
  • Grafting techniques are the most common if you are just looking for a modest change. These can include punch grafts, mini grafts, micro grafts, slit grafts and strip grafts.
  • If you’re looking for something more dramatic, our experts can use flaps, tissue expansion and scalp reduction.

You might not be sure if you need hair replacement surgery in Atlanta GA. You’ll want to go with hair replacement if:

  • You want a timely change in your appearance. Our experts could make this change immediately, or we could take a slower, step-by-step process over several months.
  • You have a lot of hair loss. If your hair loss is extensive enough that your options for a donor site, or other spots with healthy hair follicles are severely limited, Atlanta hair replacement surgery is for you.
  • You want to rewind the clock and help Mother Nature out. Hair replacement surgery in Atlanta GA can help you look even better then you did before you started losing hair.

Since there are so many different kinds of grafts and a multitude of ways to make changes to your scalp and appearance, our hair replacement surgeons are always readily available to consult with you.

Hair replacement in Atlanta GA is easy with Innovative Aesthetics Group. If you’ve decided that Atlanta hair replacement surgery is right for you, come help us help you change your life.