Charlotte FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

A Charlotte FUE hair transplant procedure might sound intimidating. If you are not sure whether or not this is the best plan for you, Innovative Aesthetics Group is here to help you decide if you could benefit from an FUE hair transplant in Charlotte NC.

Have any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind?

  • I am so sick of my bald areas!
  • This male patterned baldness or female patterned baldness is really getting in the way of my self-confidence.
  • The hair loss from my scar is so unattractive.
  • I want to get my hair back, but I do not want to use harmful chemicals on my skin.
  • I want to get my hair back, but I want it to happen immediately and be permanent.

If those statements sound familiar, a Charlotte hair transplant procedure is probably best for you. That said, there are lots of different types of hair transplants. Here is more specific information on our Charlotte FUE hair transplant procedure:

  • We take hair follicles from where you do not need them and move them to where you do.
  • The difference with our FUE hair transplant procedure in Charlotte NC is that the follicular units are extracted one by one (FUE stands for ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’).
  • In our Charlotte FUE procedure, we use a special tool to make small, circular incisions around the healthy follicular unit.
  • Next, we remove that unit and transplant it to a new location.
  • Regular hair transplants generally leave behind long scars, since the grafts being moved are lengthy. In your FUE hair transplant procedure in Charlotte NC, the circular incisions heal naturally within seven days. Since they are so small, if they do leave a scar, it will not even be noticeable under your hair.

If you are ready to change your life and have thicker, naturally looking hair, you will want a Charlotte FUE hair transplant procedure. Take charge of your life and let Innovative Aesthetics Group help you get your hair back!