Charlotte Hair Restoration Doctors

The Charlotte hair restoration doctors at Innovative Aesthetics Group have worked hard to make strides in developing the most effective methods of hair transplant. Men and woman who are seeking hair restoration in Charlotte NC that actually produces results are encouraged to pay us a visit and start on the road to thicker, fuller hair.

We have hair restoration doctors in Charlotte NC that specialize is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which is a special method of hair transplanting. While all methods of hair transplant have proven more effective than the sprays and creams found in the drug store, FUE offers its own unique set of benefits.

  • Our Charlotte NC hair restoration doctors will extract and transplant one follicle at a time, which greatly reduces any potential scarring. A small incision is made around the follicle to extract it. This leaves a very tiny hole behind that heals well within a week. Even if the area does scar, it would not be noticeable under your existing hair.
  • One of our Charlotte hair restoration doctors will also point out that with such a small incision, no stitches are required. The recovery process is minimal, if not non-existent.
  • Also by removing and transplanting one hair follicle at a time, our highly skilled team of professionals can place the healthy follicles in manner that looks natural. No one will have the slightest clue that you received treatment.

One of the main reasons hair transplanting is so effective is because our hair restoration doctors in Charlotte NC are utilizing the natural hair growth process of the body. Other remedies try to force unhealthy or damaged follicles to grow new hair, which rarely works out.

Once our Charlotte NC hair restoration doctors relocate healthy hair follicles, they will thrive at the new site, and be a permanent fix for hair loss.

If you have decided a hair transplant is for you, go with the method that most Charlotte hair restoration doctors would recommend: an FUE hair transplant from Innovative Aesthetics Group.