Louisville FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

A Louisville FUE hair transplant procedure can make your dreams a reality. Do you ever imagine yourself with that bald spot gone? Are you sick of buying "As Seen On TV" products that just do not work? If so, Innovative Aesthetics Group can change your life with an FUE hair transplant in Louisville KY.

Hair loss can occur for many reasons:

  • Male patterned baldness
  • Female patterned baldness
  • Scarring from surgery or an accident
  • Severe burns

Despite the multiple causes, hair loss always produces at least one thing: Frustration.

An FUE hair transplant procedure in Louisville KY can change your life and allow your confidence to grow along with your new hair.

Typically, a Louisville hair transplant procedure works by taking grafts of healthy hair follicles and moving them to areas that are lacking. The healthy follicles are moved in groups of two or three (micro grafts), four or five (Mini grafts) and more (strip grafts, slit grafts, flaps).

An FUE hair transplant procedure in Louisville KY does the same thing, but in a different way. In our Louisville FUE hair transplant procedure, your Innovative Aesthetics Group expert will use a special tool to move healthy hair follicles one at a time. This tool cuts around each individual follicular unit and extracts it from your scalp. It is then relocated wherever it will look most natural.

A Louisville FUE procedure has many benefits:

  • Of all the hair transplant methods, it heals the fastest. The small holes left behind by the extraction do not need to be stitched. They usually heal within four to five days and are completely healed in a week.
  • This procedure has the least risk of scarring. Any scars left behind are so small, they are only the size of a hair follicle. They are unnoticeable because of your existing hair.
  • This is natural looking, permanent and immediate. You will walk out of an Innovative Aesthetics Group office with new hair!

If this sounds good to you, stop waiting. We can work with you to plan your Louisville FUE hair transplant procedure today and change your life.