Hair Restoration Doctors In Louisville KY

The Louisville hair restoration doctors at Innovative Aesthetics Group are eagerly awaiting to show you that hair loss does not have to be something you must simply accept in life.

Most people lose their hair with age, some sooner than others. Hair loss can also be the result of hair follicles that were damaged by a scar or burn. No matter what the cause of hair loss may be, our hair restoration doctors in Louisville KY have the answer.

We specialize in what is called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), arguably the most effective method of hair transplant available. If you are seeking hair restoration in Louisville KY that is both permanent and yields drastic results, this is the only route for you.

If patients had to make a list of things they want in a hair restoration treatment, it would probably include things like:

  • A pain-free process that leaves little scarring: Our Louisville hair restoration doctors use local anesthesia to put you at ease throughout the whole procedure. The incisions needed to extract individual hair follicles are minimal, and they normally heal up well within a week.
  • A permanent fix: With over-the-counter remedies, you’ll find yourself applying creams and sprays to your scalp day in and day out. With an FUE hair transplant, healthy follicles are permanently planted in the problem area, bring new and permanent growth to the site.
  • New hair that looks natural: You can often tell when a man or woman opted for a cheap, alternative method of hair treatment. The hair does not look natural. Our Louisville KY hair restoration doctors methodically place each individual hair follicle so the new hair flows seamlessly with existing hair.

Before you even think about wasting your money on over-the-counter fixes, consult one of our hair restoration doctors in Louisville KY. With an FUE hair transplant available, there is no need to let the issue linger around any longer.

Unfortunately, hair loss is something that grab’s the attention of other people. You don’t have to let this issue define you and our Louisville hair restoration doctors will show you how.