Louisville Hair Transplant Physicians

If you have ever imagined looking in the mirror and seeing a full, healthy head of hair, but been disappointed when you saw a bald spot instead, Innovative Aesthetics Group’s Louisville hair transplant physicians can help you make that hope a reality.

Our hair transplant physicians in Louisville KY are experts in hair transplant procedures. If you are hoping to get a hair transplant in Louisville KY, here is the step-by-step explanation on what you should expect.

  1. You will first work with one of our Louisville KY hair transplant physicians to pick a place on your body where you have hair that you do not necessarily want or need it. Let’s call this the donor site.
  2. Next, our expert physicians will apply a local anesthetic so you do not feel any pain from this procedure. Even though this is technically a surgical process, you need not worry about excessive pain.
  3. Finally, our Louisville hair transplant physicians will remove the healthy hair follicles from the donor site and put them where you want hair, which we call the recipient site.

Yes, it really is that easy to get the hair you have been always wanting!

Because this is a surgical procedure, it is not quite as quick as rubbing a store-bought cream on your head, but it is an immediate fix that tends to be permanent since healthy hair follicles continue growing forever after they have been transplanted.

Our hair transplant physicians in Louisville KY do everything in their power to make you completely comfortable, too. It should not be intimidating like other surgical procedures are. This procedure also avoids chemicals that often burn the skin or cause itching.

Stop throwing your money away on store-bought creams and lotions that barely work. Instead, let our Louisville hair transplant physicians help you change your life and make that dream of having a full head of hair your new reality.