Nashville FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

A Nashville FUE hair transplant procedure can really change your life. If you look in the mirror and wish you had more hair, but you want it to look natural and healthy, this process is for you.

You might be wondering what makes FUE hair transplant in Nashville TN different from another type of Nashville hair transplant procedure. Here is some information about what makes an FUE hair transplant procedure in Nashville TN stand out from alternative treatment methods:

Other hair transplants can be done by moving:- Mini grafts: Sections of four or five healthy hair follicles

  • Micro grafts: Sections of two or three healthy hair follicles
  • Strip grafts: Longer strips of multiple healthy hair follicles
  • Flaps: Incredibly large grafts of hair

Nashville FUE hair transplant procedure uses individual Follicular Unit Extraction, meaning:- One of our surgeons conducting your Nashville FUE procedure will use a special tool to make small, circle-shaped cuts around your healthy hair follicles.

  • The follicular units will be extracted and moved one-by-one instead of in small groups.
  • These extractions leave small circular holes in your skin, which are completely healed within seven days.
  • Any scars left behind are very small and unnoticeable under the rest of your hair.

Your FUE hair transplant procedure in Nashville TN is permanent and immediate, just like other types of hair transplants. The healthy hair follicles will continue to grow so you will not have to seek treatment over and over again. Your hair will look very natural, too, because each follicle is moved and placed one-by-one. It’s kind of like using a smaller brush to make the tiny details in a painting.

Let Innovative Aesthetics Group assist you with a Nashville FUE hair transplant procedure. It will truly change your life and give you back the hair you once had.