Hair Replacement Surgery In Nashville TN

Chemical treatments from over-the-counter creams and lotions don’t yield the results you want, but Nashville hair replacement surgery can. With hair replacement surgery in Nashville TN from Innovative Aesthetics Group, you can have permanent, natural looking changes to your scalp and hairline in no time.

There are multiple techniques used for hair replacement in Nashville TN:

  • Grafting: This is when sections of skin with healthy hair follicles are moved to areas without healthy hair follicles. The different types of grafting techniques are named by size and shape of the graft. For example, there are:
    • Strip grafts – Take a strip of healthy hair follicles to a new location
    • Mini grafts – Take three or four healthy hair follicles to a new location
    • Micro grafts – Take one or two healthy hair follicles to a new location
  • Tissue expansion: This Nashville TN hair replacement surgery procedure actually helps the body grow new tissue. This doesn’t involve moving hair follicles.
  • Flaps: These are basically really big grafts

You can work with our surgeons to pick the best technique or combination of techniques for your Nashville hair replacement surgery procedure. While this is certainly a big decision, most satisfied patients would tell you the benefits are worth it.- Nashville hair replacement surgery can leave you with a healthy, natural looking head of hair instead of a fake looking wig or unhealthy side effects caused from harmful chemicals and creams.

  • Hair replacement surgery in Nashville TN can yield immediate results. You don’t have to keep trying and waiting for week after week like with those over-the-counter products.
  • Hair replacement in Nashville TN is permanent. Your new do’ won’t fade.
  • Surgery affects everyone differently. You know your body. Make sure you’re comfortable with hair replacement surgery in Nashville TN. There is little to worry about, though, as our doctors help you stay comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Innovative Aesthetics Group is here with the experts you need for your Nashville hair replacement surgery. The rest is up to you. When will you come see us so we can help change your life?