Nashville Hair Restoration Doctors

Hair loss tends to make both men and women look far older than they truly are, leaving them in desperate need of top-notch Nashville hair restoration doctors. This ailment can also strike at a very early age. Anyone who has experienced thinning hair or hair loss can attest to the fact that it deals a heavy blow to one’s self-confidence.

Luckily for local residents, Innovative Aesthetics Group has highly professional hair restoration doctors in Nashville TN ready to remedy what was once incurable hair loss. Our team specializes in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which has proven to be the most effective method of hair transplant currently available.

Those desperately looking for hair restoration in Nashville TN can rest easy knowing that the results they see with our methods are everlasting.

Many patients visit our Nashville TN hair restoration doctors having already tried various creams and sprays they purchased at the local drug store. These remedies simply do not get the job done because they do not cure the problem, which is the need for healthy follicles at bald spots.

Our Nashville hair restoration doctors do just that with the following procedure.

  • Our team first identifies an area of the body that has excess hair, or hair that is not necessarily needed or wanted.
  • From that area, one of our hair restoration doctors in Nashville TN cuts a tiny incision to extract a healthy hair follicle.
  • One by one, those healthy follicles are transplanted to the area where hair no longer grows.

The healthy follicles are precisely placed in the new area to make the hair look natural when it comes in. The new hair will mesh perfectly with existing hair to turn back the clock, providing patients with a full head of hair once again.

Are you freaked out by the prospect of a surgical procedure? You do not have to be. Our Nashville hair restoration doctors provide anesthesia, which puts patients at total comfort through the process. The process also results in little to no scarring. All you have to lose is that receding hairline or bald spot.