Oklahoma City FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

An Oklahoma City FUE hair transplant procedure could be exactly what you need to get the head of hair you want in a manageable time frame. Innovative Aesthetics Group has highly trained experts who can get you the look you want through FUE, which is short for Follicular Unit Extraction.

A typical Oklahoma City hair transplant procedure takes grafts of your skin, which include many healthy hair follicles, and moves the entire sections to areas where you want hair. Although this general idea remains, there are many differences between this type of procedure and an Oklahoma City FUE procedure:

  • An FUE hair transplant in Oklahoma City moves healthy hair follicles one at a time through Follicular Unit Extraction.
  • One of our surgeons will use a special tool to cut the follicle out of the skin and move it. It will be placed in a location that will allow the hair to appear natural and maintain the appropriate angle relative to surrounding hair.
  • This leaves behind small holes where the follicles used to be, but they do not require stitching. Other grafting methods used in traditional hair transplant procedures sometimes do.
  • These holes usually heal within four or five days. This means that an Oklahoma City FUE hair transplant procedure has the fastest healing time compared to other hair transplant procedures.
  • An FUE hair transplant procedure in Oklahoma City typically leaves minimal scarring. Since the incisions are so small, if there is scarring, it is unnoticeable through your existing hair.

There are so many benefits to getting an FUE hair transplant procedure in Oklahoma City. It is natural looking, permanent and immediate. When you leave the operating room, you will finally have hair where you previously lost it.

This procedure also does not involve any chemicals that might harm your skin like most over-the-counter creams and sprays do. If you want a full head of hair again, an Oklahoma City FUE hair transplant procedure from Innovative Aesthetics Group is what you need.