Hair Replacement Surgery In Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City hair replacement surgery is your best bet for getting natural looking, healthy new hair that suits you.

Seriously, aren’t you sick of those over-the-counter creams and sprays that are full of harmful chemicals and don’t even work? Or, even worse, they might work for a few weeks, but then you lose it all over again.

Hair loss is frustrating enough the first time. Stop wasting your money and your time on those pointless, unreliable off-the-shelf products, and instead invest in a life-changing Oklahoma City hair replacement surgery.

Innovative Aesthetics Group has the experts to help you with your hair replacement surgery in Oklahoma City. With our team on your side, you’ll be looking brand spanking new in no time.

Let’s go over some of your procedural options regarding hair replacement in Oklahoma City:

  1. Grafting: This is pretty much relocating the healthy hair you already have to the places where you want it most. We take hair follicles from the donor site, where you have more hair than you need, and move it to the recipient site. There are a lot of different types of grafts. Strip grafts are strips of hair follicles; mini grafts contain three or four follicles; micro grafts have two or three hair follicles and so on.
  2. Flaps: These are essentially very large grafts.
  3. Tissue extension: With this technique, your body actually stretches and grows new tissue.

There are even more techniques than this. Our doctors might also use more than one technique for your Oklahoma City hair replacement surgery. They will work with you to find the best technique for you.

There are countless benefits to hair replacement surgery in Oklahoma City. If you work in a high-contact job ,one in which you’re often meeting new people, having a full head of hair will boost your self-confidence.

Oklahoma City hair replacement surgery is immediate, permanent and produces natural looking, healthy results. Throw out those creams and sprays — invest in something better, something real, something you can rely on. Invest in Oklahoma City hair replacement surgery with Innovative Aesthetics Group.