Oklahoma City Hair Restoration Doctors

When you are finally done slathering on creams and sprays that promise they will help you grow a thicker head of hair, come visit the Oklahoma City hair restoration doctors at Innovative Aesthetics Group. Our cutting-edge Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant method does what the over-the-counter treatments can’t, provide permanent and noticeable hair growth.

Before consulting our hair restoration doctors in Oklahoma City, many local patients resort to the treatments they have seen in the store. This accomplishes nothing and forces you to rub a whole bunch of harmful chemicals on to your scalp. You might even be doing more harm than you are good.

Our Oklahoma City hair restoration doctors have news for you: those bald spots are not going to sprout new hair until you replace the damaged hair follicles with healthy ones.

The only hair restoration in Oklahoma City that truly works lies in our method. Our Oklahoma City hair restoration doctors seek out healthy hair follicles in areas of your body where hair is plentiful. Through small incisions that leave little to no scarring behind, the follicles are extracted and planted at the problem site. This allows for natural hair growth in an area where there was none.

Seeking the professional services of our hair restoration doctors in Oklahoma City leads to countless benefits:

  • It keeps harmful chemicals and useless topical treatments away from your skin.
  • The healthy follicles produce hair that flows seamlessly with your existing hair.
  • Unlike with other treatments, this is a permanent fix. You won’t have to continually seek treatment from our Oklahoma City hair restoration doctors.
  • Such noticeable results will boost your self-confidence. Your bald spot does not have to weigh on your mind every time you are out in a social setting.

A hair transplant is a worthy investment and the only method in which you can get rid of thinning hair or bald spots for good. Let one of our Oklahoma City hair restoration doctors show you how this miracle treatment can change your life.